Thursday, November 14, 2013

Of course,

Since I wrote about enjoying writing so much yesterday, today writing decided to kick my ass.  What else is new?  Honestly, it wasn't that bad, but instead of taking a half hour/hour to write my daily goal, it took twice as long, and I had to stop 640 words short of 25,000 because I had a dentist appointment.  I spent the whole appointment (when not warning the hygienist that if she popped my jaw out of joint again, she would have to be the one to pop it back it) fuming at my characters and wondering if I could justify writing a scene where one of them has to go to the dentist, just to make them suffer.

I didn't come up with a good way to fit that into my story line - YET - but they're all on warning.  So they better get with the program tomorrow and play nice, or the next ghost that makes an appearance is going to be a malicious dentist with a grudge against teenagers and a ghost drill.

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