Sunday, November 24, 2013

Did some crafty things

with my family today - almost all in attendance (4/5 sibling family groups: pretty close!) for at least part of the day.

Most of the craftiness involved ornament making: last year we made lovely wreaths, this year, 2 different kind of ornaments.  One of which was the kind we used to make in the preschool with cinnamon and applesauce  - and glue, I do not remember glue, because at least 3 of the kids I used to teach would have eaten them, glue or not. Of course, I somehow wound up making the dough (even though that is not an easy job) and no my arm wants to fall off.  Mostly, though, it was a pretty good day. But also? I smell like cinnamon, as if I took a bath in it, really.

It's fragrant and festive, but it's a wee bit overwhelming.

Back to the grindstone, word wise: I'm almost at 44,000 with just six days to go - a thousand words a day? Totally doable.

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