Saturday, November 23, 2013

No spoilers, sweeties

I am a Dr. Who newbie (I mean... I could watch all the episodes of 10, 11 & 12 in order on Netflix, but life keeps getting in my way) - I admit that with no reservations.  I am partway through 10's run (I think: I don't know how many more episodes he has), but you also can't exist on Tumblr, Twitter, or the Internet in general without knowing a whole bunch of what comes after - I literally hadn't seen an episode with Tennant in it's whole state (because I like to go in order: I can't help it) until today, even though I've been watching 12's new episodes ever since I fell into the Whovian trap (about a year ago?). 

Lemme just say this, to people who say that 11 is their doctor: I am definitely understanding your love.

So watching The Day of The Doctor today, live, with all the other internet peoples abuzz (although some of my favorite Whovians have given up cable! and couldn't watch live! which made me wish that you could share cable via Internet, I was so sad) - It was an experience.  Tumblr was on the case, filling me in on all the little inside things I had missed: And apparently there were quite a few of them.

(But I did get some! When that happened, I nearly threw myself a party - I definitely felt like Captain America, that's for sure :

For anybody who couldn't watch & wanted to: I hope you get to see it ASAP, and that you are avoiding all other places on the Internets until then. (Why you would be here, I can't imagine, but let's just go with it.)

For anybody who has not fallen into a Whovian hole - I am (not really) sorry that the Internet is talking about the only Doctor I don't want to murder on a regular basis.  And Sherlock. Because the BBC likes to taunt us and knows its audience.

(Side note: if Blogger's spellcheck could recognize that both Blogger and I(i)nternet are words - never mind Tumblr and Whovian, which I know is a bit of a stretch, that'd be great.)

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