Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Perfect Post
(ETA: I do not know why my blog is yelling at you: I haven't screwed with the template at ALL. But I must.... hopefully, till I do, you can get past the shouting and read without getting a headache.)

Although I missed a bit of the month, there were still a ton of standouts up for this month's Perfect Post award (Via
Lucinda and MommaK).

The runners up included:

Paper Napkin and her son, for an amusing game.

Dooce for making me rethink the definition of a picky eater.

slightly older (ok, a year older & totally not eligble except that I just found it) post about Gay Marriage. That made me laugh, big time.

But I've decided to award September's Perfect Post to
A Perfect Post
WALL PAPER OF MY MIND, who's a recent addition to my blogs-I-must-read category. There's examples of why I like her so muchhere and here, but it was this post that I think is just perfect.
Because it reflects so much of what I feel is really, really good about the blogging community.

She writes:

"I came to love the comments on blogs. I am still realizing with each new blog I stumble-link to, in such a staggering ocean breadth of authors, that so many of them thrive on the feedback and the interaction it produces. Community is trans-morphing at a rapid pace for mothers. I not only read, but have met and become friends with the women I admire on-line. It has no precedent. "

I'm not, technically, a mommyblogger. Because I don't have any kids of my own. But I guess I am an Auntie Blogger, since the two beautiful souls that I am helping to raise are often fodder for my blog. And I love the amount of information and support and caring and fun that mommybloggers contribute to this strange new world we're all building here. So, I agree that it's something for them to be proud of, to claim.

So, WallPaper, you get to claim this prize, for standing up for Mommy Bloggers.

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