Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

After we built (tore down and rebuilt) a block city today, Lil Girl and I threw our own Thanksgiving Parade. Using all of the little people, birthday cake characters, and happy meal toys from our various childhoods (there's been a kid around here continuously since 1976), we wound up with a Sesame Street float, a Lion King float, a Lil Mermaid float, a bunch of clowns, a Bambi float, about 6 other Disney themed floats and had Woody from Toy Story leading the whole thing. Block City residents really seemed to enjoy, as did she and I. Afterwards, Lil Girl decided to invite every single float, wrangler and character back to the main house for Thanksgiving dinner. Here's hoping that your Thanksgiving has a few less participants, so that you don't have to rebuild your house (again) to fit them all in.

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Sue Jackson said...

Oh, how awesome!! I love the parade you and your niece made. Reminds me of playing with all the little plastic figures with my two boys - they still have bins full of animals, action figures, etc.

It also reminds me of when my sister and I were little. On Sundays, we would set up ALL of the little people stuff we had all over the dining room, making a village with houses, school, McDonalds (that was a cool one), etc. How fun! Glad to hear your Thanksgiving was good.