Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dear Internet Peoples -

Thanks for sticking around.

I am feeling much improved, as far as the biopsy goes. In fact, if I had waited another day or so to post, I might have thought I'd imagined the whole "intense-pain" of the first few days. The Fibro-Flare is on it's way down too, thank goodness. So things are looking up.

I had all these posts planned for the past two weeks:

- My one year blog-aversary (how to spell that??) and a brand new blog design
- A post on banned books week ---> Which, hello? Books should not be banned. The End. I have read some H.O.R.R.I.F.I.C. books, books with no plots, or too many characters. Books with disgusting and lurid details about things that I wish I didn't know. Books I wish I could erase from my brain. And yet, if someone else wants to read them (why, oh why?) they should be able to.
- An update on my crazy family

and, as is always the case, I had about 62 different topics pop into my head while I was recuperating. Do I remember most of them? Of course not. But a few of them managed to stick with me, so they'll be up soon too.

I hope to be back, full force, this week. And can't thank you all enough for caring, for checking in, for coming back.

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Maya's Granny said...

So good to see that you are back. I've been away from computers for the last few days, but as soon as I got to one I had to check and see how you are doing and I am so happy that you are better.