Thursday, September 07, 2006

Things I cannot get myself to care about today (even though I probably should).

1) The fact that I cannot get this Firefox extension to work, even though it is the sole reason I downloaded Firefox to begin with.

2) Street cleaning. Seriously, how many times does the street cleaner have to go by today: the answer is Every Single Time the Baby falls asleep. I'd rather have a dirty street.

Things I care a little bit about, but am trying not to obsess over:

1) The stupid EMG that is taking over 3 months to get around to is still up in the air. Now, instead of the actual test on Monday, like it's supposed to be, I'm having yet another "consult." Whatever. Just give me my new pain pills today, and I'll do whatever you want on Monday. Maybe.

2) The fact that this new med has some pretty serious potential side effects, not to mention the fact that I'm usually not the best with new meds to start with. But, I won't worry till I have to. It could be the drug : you never know.

Things I don't want to care about at all, but keep popping into my head:

1) Somebody is cooking something on their BBQ and it smells fabulous. On the other hand, I am having rice cakes with peanut butter for my 2:00 meal. There is no justice.

2) That picture of baby Suri... All that hair! We are a buncha bald babies over here, so Peanut still has the beginnings of little wispies and that is ALL. :sigh: But I love to rub her head anyways, so maybe the no hair is good.

And lastly, things I have to go do, right this very second.

1) get the crying baby out of her crib

2) shoot the street cleaner-man.

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Maya's Granny said...

Yes, get that baby. Shoot that man. You'll feel better, you know you will.