Friday, October 27, 2006

Hello, all!

Well, my eye is recovering well, thank you for your concern &/or mockery. ;)

In other news, I'm going to have to figure out an escape plan. I am incredibly over-sensitive to smells, which in turn irritates both my asthma and the CFIDS, and yesterday the city decided to start repaving our street.

Um... Are you aware of just how badly tar smells, people?

Yeah. It's not good. So I'm trying to come up with an evacuation plan that seems plausible. They'll be back next week, which means I gotta get outta here. The only question is where to go:

Option #1 is up the street to visit with my grandmother. And, by 'visit,' I mean invade and take over her entire house for probably at least a week. The pluses to this plan are that there are people who live there (my grandmother, uncle, and youngest sister) who will help me (with eating and little things); that it's a short distance and Mum can come and go as she needs to without worrying that if I fall I would be stuck there until she came back; I'll be able to read, or watch TV or, pretty much whatever I would do here during the day; & they have Wi-Fi, so my pledge to post everyday in November will have a fighting chance at being true. The negatives (aside from the health setback that follows an evacuation, which I'm going to have no matter what option I take) include the fact that my grandmother isn't exactly well, and I (& Mum & Baby Girl) would be imposing (even if they said we aren't); that I'd be bunking on a couch/pull out bed; that there are three steps and a short walk into/out of her house, which I don't know if I am up for.

Option #2 is to bunk at my brother & soon-to-be-sister-in-law's empty condo, also down the street. It is also close, but has an elevator: no steps. It also has no TV or wifi or, really, anything other than an empty Refrigerator and a futon. Because they have moved their family back in with her mother, and nobody has bought the condo from them yet. I would still be close, but I would also be very alone, when Mum has to do what she has to do. (Which, hello, I am not going to focus on the very sad fact that, while I would love to be alone, I just am not physically up for it right now.)

I don't know if there's an option 3, really. I suppose I could go to a hotel, but how would that be different from the empty condo (except for that it would cost me $?) I could call my college-roommate/best friend, who would ... without a question... open her door to me, but she has a family & a job (not to mention a dog), and she lives... about an hour away. IDK, I can't think of other options right now. In the past, I've always chosen option #1, but I really don't know about those steps... hmm. Will be pondering this, I promise you.

ANY ways... before I wandered into my own little obsession, I was going to say that this:
is TOTALLY UNNECESSARY. Your cat does not need painted toenails. EVER.


Maya's Granny said...

Totally unnecessary, but funny!

Take option one if you can -- you need to be with people and a futon and a frig are just too bleak to contemplate.

Retro Girl said...

I agree...Funny anyway lol.

I just happened along via the Photo hunt...Enjoying reading your posts...we sound a lot alike. I've got a hypersensitive nose too - almost canine lol. The smell of a banana can make me nauseous all day...tar Blecch! Oh, and once while in a drug store, my hubby accidentally sprayed "Axe" that aftershave deodorant in my eye - so I feel your pain! OMG I laughed, I cried, and kicked him in the shin! lol.

Hope you are feeling much better...And can find a place to hide from the tar!