Monday, November 12, 2012


My latest drug trial was a big huge fail after one day on it, I had a killer migraine.  The second day, the migraine was better, but I still had a headache and now I had that pins and needles feeling in my arms and legs as if I'd fallen asleep on all four of my limbs at the same time.  But I didn't call Zach until the third day, as pre-arranged, because, if you've started enough drugs, you know sometimes, there's a hump you have to get over.  With the Lyrica, it was like living in Wonderland for the first few weeks.  Some of the other drugs have made me nauseous, others made me super tired (on top of my already exhausted state), one made my sense of taste disappear for a week, a couple of others have done really strange things: I'm almost never surprised.

Except, when I called Zack, he was surprised that I'd kept taking it.  "Why didn't you call me sooner - you don't have to put up with that?"  Um... obviously I do, what world is he living in?  "But it's good that you did, because that tells us something relevant"  To Zack, everything is relevant, even if he can't figure out how yet.  "Mmhmm."

So he called me back after consulting with a neurologist and this is what they come up with: the migraine and pins and needles (some sort of thesia) as a result of that specific drug show that my migraines in and of themselves could be playing a larger role in my whole pain syndrome issue than we've been assuming.  So, new treatment plan: botox for the migraines.  So he says to me, over the phone at like 5:30 on Friday afternoon.

Um, what?  You want me to get Botox for my migraines, which suck, granted, but ... we've figured have been pretty much under control, right?  Wrong.  "Maybe the tension in your neck and your jaw and your nausea are more migraine centered than we've been thinking, and this would help with that." Hmm... that's actually kind of sensible.

"At the very least, it will help with the migraines, give you fewer of those, and that'll be helpful."

Now, I'm starting to get behind this plan.

I have to do a little bit more research first - since a)needles in my b)face sounds c)horrible to me - but I could get behind this, even though I'm pretty sure it'd do nothing for most of my pain.  The fact is my headaches have been pretty deadly lately, so I'll take all the help I can get with them.  But this is just another example of how what you think you're dealing with when it comes to chronic illness is NO WHERE NEAR where you wind up.   

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