Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sadly? Still not our worst Thanksgiving story

Had to head to the ER this morning, after what was a small-ish rash yesterday tried to eat my whole upper body over night.  By the time Mom got up this morning, it basically looked like I was wearing an angry red turtleneck, with weird splotches and bumps.  Who knows?  They diagnosis was "allergic reaction - to something," but since I haven't tried anything new (medicines, lotions, foods) in the past couple of days, I have no idea what that might be.  After some steroids (my third dose in a month: yippee, all that weight I lost over the summer?  Welcome back!) and Benadryl (which did nothing on its own, yesterday, but made a liar out of me with the doctor today),  and a couple of hours, we were free to leave and continue with our feast. 

Except.... when I mix Benadryl with my meds?  Not so much for the feasting, and a whole lot of giggles at my expense.  Stupid gigglers.  The worst part is that the heating pad irritates the hives, so I have to double up on my pain meds to compensate.  It's all just ridiculous.  On the plus side, maybe I'll be able to close my eyes for a little while now. 


Crazed Nitwit said...

IV benadryl works much better than pill benadryl so the ER nurses tell me. Hope you're feeling better today!

Sue Jackson said...

Yikes. Sounds awful - so sorry!!

My son sometimes gets random hives and we can't figure out why - but not that bad. Hope you are feeling better by now.