Saturday, November 03, 2012

Getting Ready

for Lil Girl to come over for a sleepover.  Very excited: I have no doubt that she'll make it past her brother's midnight mark from last weekend's Fright Fest - we didn't even make it through one scary movie: the kid wanted to watch The Hunger Games, then he zonked out on me five minutes into The Woman in Black, which - just: no.  I was too sad to watch a movie where kids kept dying.  Lil Girl is another story: I told her we could stay up "all night long", so I'm anticipating a looong night.  It'll be a nice change to have company during the wee hours, though.  (Company and Disney movies... all I need now is to make some brownies.)

Wrote my three pages for today (am a little off target, but so please with what I've written that I don't care about the numbers yet: ask me again on the 28th), getting the blog posted, trying to go into the sleepover with (what I have that passes for) energy & enthusiasim.  I miss her so much, and I'm wicked excited... but I also know somewhere around 9 o'clock, she's going to be wearing on my nerves and we're both going to need a nap.  :)  That's the fun of six year olds: all the energy of a three-year-old, with none of the naps.

See you in the morning ~ hope your Saturday night is as exciting as mine.  (I'm going to think of a name to call you all, but I'm coming up blank:  'the five of you', how's that sound?)

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