Monday, November 26, 2012

Just keep swimming

“When you’re at that point, when you feel it’s all pointless… It’s not. The trick is to just keep doing it, that’s how you succeed in the end. It’s the secret to life, do anything often enough, and for long enough, and you get good at it. So keep on. Keep writing. Keep painting. Keep singing. Keep dancing. Keep fighting. Keep. On.” — via: I wrote this for you

Keeping my head above water here, but just barely.  So, more wisdom from various parts.  so close to my NaNo goal (43943), but running on fumes at this point - between the rash and the meds and just getting through the day, I'm lucky my brain is even semi-functioning, so I'll take what I can get.  I can manage 6500 (ish) words in the next four days, right?  (Right.  I think. Let's just keep going.)  

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Sue Jackson said...

Love the Dory quote :)

And you're doing NaNo? Good for you!! I am very impressed. This time of year, I have very little time for writing. They should move NaNo month away from the holiday season.

Go,go! You can do it!