Sunday, November 04, 2012

One of these days they'll make it past midnight

Well, after all that build up, Lil Girl conked out on me just past 11:00, which, to be fair is two hours past her normal bed time.  She was totally revved until about 10:45, when we put in our third Disney movie (one thing about kids movies, is that they're generally shorter than regular movies).  She was nearly buzzing "Look how good I'm doing: I'm going to stay up till 1:00, for sure!"  She picked the movie, laid back down on the couch while I skipped over all the previews and just as Belle launched into "As long as there's Christmas"... I look over and she's snoring. 

Oh well.  I tucked her in and headed back to my bed, where I read through the night and cursed the fact that I've got Christmas songs stuck in my head already, and it's only the fourth of November. 

(And if you watch till about the three minute mark, so will you: sorry!) 

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Sue Jackson said...

What a fun tradition with your niece and nephew! CFS pretty much ended late nights in our house. My boys have only stayed up until midnight on New Year's Eve ONCE (and that was in the central time zone) and that was just a couple of years ago, when they were both in their teens! lol

Those Disney songs can stick for a while - good luck!