Thursday, November 08, 2012

Got a lot accomplished today

but I'm exhausted now. (Shocker!)  Today was the kind of day when I spent so long making lunch that I was too tired to eat it by the time it was ready.  So, I ate it for dinner.  Eventually.  And it wasn't any special, elaborate lunch either - just roasted vegetables - but between the chopping and peeling (not to mention getting everything else off the only area I can use can reach for chopping and peeling), I nearly had to lay down on the floor in the kitchen once I got them in the oven.   Plus?  Squash skin are like impossible to slice into - I felt like I needed a hatchet.  Or a hammer.

 It was obviously a low energy day, and a high energy activity.  (Probably not for other people, but definitely for me.) 

Aside from that, I did some cleaning in my room, got the floor in the library picked up since we'll be having company this weekend as a cousin is getting married on Sunday, and wrote more than 2000 words for NaNo today. 

So, if I could nap, it would definitely be time for that.  Instead, I'm going to watch Jeopardy! and hope that there are some good categories.  Night all!

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