Sunday, November 11, 2012

Heading to a big family shindig

tonight.  Doing my best to coast along on my meds as best I can.  Not working all that well, as having company is a bit of an additional (but awesome) strain.  I am so enjoying having heartfelt people in the house.  Not overly happy, not upset, just genuine people.  People I love and who love me, and who don't totally get it (seriously, Aunt Pam: stop with the patting!), but who try really hard and are on vacation and will stay up all night playing games and talking about whatever we feel like - heavy things and nothing things, and everything in between - and just breathing.  Of course, my dad is still here, and he's like this heaviness over everything, but I'm doing my best to ignore that as well.  I can tell it's a tad bit uncomfortable for them, but I'm not going to be able to just push everything aside and pretend all is fine and dandy, and I told them that.  So, we're grown ups, we're not all getting along, we can be civil, and we're working from there.  In the meantime, aside from that, and the fact that I feel like I'm being given electro-shock therapy (stupid new meds) AND being trampled by horses (just my regular fibro feelings), I'm having a perfectly lovely, agreeable visit.  They've gone off on a Fenway tour, which gives me a chance to get some breathing time in, and I'm giving myself a two day pass on the NaNo, which means a lot of catch-up come Tuesday, but less pressure today tomorrow (since I know my brain is going to be worth nothing after all the drugs I'm going to need to make it through this wedding tonight).  So, talk to you tomorrow, ladies and gents, hope your weekend is going smoothly too.  :) 

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