Thursday, December 28, 2006


I'm totally not talking about the flare. Talking about it is in direct opposition of my current plan: totally ignoring it.


I've seen a meme going around of the first lines from each month. That's no good for me, since my first post every month is a Perfect Post award. But I would like to do a little look back. Here's a year's worth of pictures - one of my favorites from each month.

So here's a pick of January through June:

Sister C, on her 20th birthday.

A toast to SisterJ on her birthday.

Baby Girl's bunting (originally planned for her big brother, and finished six years later), by Mum.

Youngest Nephew, being his adorable self in April.

And here's Baby Girl, less than a week old, in her usual good cheer.

And Youngest Sister, SisterK, getting ready for her Jr. Prom, the first week of June.

More to follow (hopefully tomorrow).

Thanks for the well-wishes, all. I'll get there: flares are par for the course around here

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