Thursday, December 14, 2006

"They're singing deck the halls

but it's not like Christmas at all."

Because we don't have a tree yet, people. I needs me a tree. I need the smell of the tree, the knowing it's in the other room, all lit up and shiny. I need to hear the slight whir of the mechanical kids sliding down their ornament banister, over and over again. I need to know that all of our names are somewhere on that tree, and that Baby Girl's name will be added this year. These are things I need.

It's not that I'm not Christmasy already (cuz, obviously, I am); it's just that I miss the tree. And if it was something I could do myself? You know it would be up already. But I am not the boss of that, and all of Mum's good intentions have fallen through so far this week.

I'm counting on Saturday, though.

Saturday better equal tree, if these Scrooges know what's good for them.

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