Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We three

Rennifej, over at 100 miles from where, had a meme up the other day, and, as we all know, I like to steal them. (PS, if you spell my real name backwards? The beginning of it is a curse word: so Rennifej has one up on me.)

So, here's the Three Meme

Three things that scare me: losing the people I love, never getting better, being too afraid to do something I should do
Three people who make me laugh: Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert (who I am counting as 1, because, to me they are like salt & pepper: Don't spilt them up), Dane Cook, Baby Girl
Three things I love: My family, reading, far away friends
Three things I hate: people who won't do the right thing, being late, not standing up to bullies
Three things I don't understand: the Former-Family-people-upstairs-situation, inequality, why change takes so long
Three things on my desk: my pills, piles & piles, a printer in need of a cord
Three things I'm doing right now: talking to you nice people, listening to a movie, wondering about dinner
Three things I want to do before I die: be well, have kids/grandkids, live on my own
Three things I can do: I can make beautiful flowers out of Playdough/Modeling Clay (and I can make the playdough/clay myself too), play a mean game of Trivial Pursuit, & write strong letters for/against vital issues
Three things you should listen to: Your parents & your kids (as much as possible), something that helps you relax
Three things you should never listen to: bullies, smoke alarms, the majority 'just because'
Three things I'd like to learn: what the hell CFS/ME is, and how to cure it; why people don't make the changes that need to be made on important issues like Global Warming or Iraq; how to decorate a cake
Three favorite foods: White Chocolate, melted cheese, and a perfectly ripe piece of fruit (but not together)
Three beverages I drink regularly: water, tea, root beer
Three TV shows I watched as a kid: Only three? How's about Romper Room, Duck Tales, & Special Delivery (random enough?)

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Lady Strathconn said...

Since I am guessing your name doesn't end tihs, kcuf, or hctib I am guessing you have the same or similar name to a friend of mine.

She wanted her name spelled backwards on her license plate, but Virginia wouldn't let her because it spelled the "bad word". So she dropped an S. It was two years before I understood the plate.