Monday, December 25, 2006

"It's Christmas... and I'm singing..."

and my dad is driving me crazy. This is neither new or unusual.

Also, I am seriously reconsidering my role as the only teetotaler (of age) in my family. Because being stone cold sober (well, except for my meds, which totally aren't cutting it, painwise) while everybody else is decidedly not?

Is soo much fun.

My favorite thing about drunk people? The repeating: they repeat what they've said, they make you repeat what you said, they tell the same story 52 friggin' times. And it wasn't even funny the first, trust me.

I'm going to enjoy this Christmas, Truly. But right now?

I'm all over this togetherness crap, and probably should go to bed, as other people's drunkenness brings out the mean in me.


On the other hand, I do hope you have the VERY HAPPIEST CHRISTMAS!

May Santa bring you everything you need/want/deserve.

Love, Never That Easy

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Maya's Granny said...

Hope that it gets better.

Merry Christmas.