Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hark the Herald Angels sing....

to taking it slow.

I'm definitely NOT multitasking.

Listening to a couple of Christmas tunes that I've downloaded onto my computer (Actual hours of Christmas music downloaded? 30+ So, I'm a big Christmas music fan... wanna make something out of it?)

But what I'm NOT doing is multitasking.

It seems like whenever I have a minute, I feel the need to fill that minute with something that needs to get done, some item I can check off of my neverending list. And that's a problem for anybody. And it's an even worse problem for someone with my health issues.

Ignoring the needs of your body and all those other things I've learned the hard way to pay attention to, is a bad idea for me: well, for anybody.

Downtime is a CFIDS/FM requirement, and I forget that at my own peril.
(real downtime not trying to do three or four different things while you're supposed to be resting)

But December rolls around with all its additional stressors and pressures, (when I've a hard enough time dealing with my everday ones), and I do more than I should.

But tonight, I'm not going to.

I'm just going to lay down, close my eyes and listen to the music.


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Maya's Granny said...

Do take it easy. Laying down and listening to Christmas music sounds good to me.