Thursday, December 07, 2006

Somewhere in my memory...

I meant to have my Wishes up today, but I'm having a hard time coming up with them still. Hopefully, tomorrow. Also, Poetry Thursday isn't on for today, because I haven't found the poem I wanted to post (and I'm too damn stubborn to post something else).

So, for today... How's about this:


I'm searching for a very specific Night Before Christmas coloring book for my Mum. It is the ultimate Night Before Christmas coloring book, and was the object of many fights during my childhood. The pictures were so delicate & detailed that we colored them with colored pencils, and the youngest siblings were banned from the book until they were old enough to stay in the lines. Somehow, over the years, our copy has disappeared, and every year, my Mum sighs over the fact that we don't have it anymore.

Since I've learned about the joys of E-bay, I've been searching for it, but I don't really have any of the details that E-bay searches require. So I've been slogging through a fair amount of coloring books, looking for this one particular book.

The things the search has turned up are varied and interesting. There's a Santa I find scary, a bunch of books that look interesting (& that I would probably buy if I weren't on a quest), and then ... There's this:

Um... I realize I may just have a sick and twisted mind, but ... there's something 'off' about that picture, isn't there?


Sock Girl said...

Oh. My.

Yes, there is something "off" about that. Looks like a reindeer's going on the naughty list.

Never That Easy said...

Sock Girl -
Thank god it's not just me!