Sunday, March 01, 2009

Anonymous? Not quite

Writing this blog, I try to get my feelings down, my thoughts out; Try to write my perspective on things that happen in my life, in our lives, in the world. And as I do so, I try to always remember that I'm writing about real people, and that they all have real feelings too. I try to take that into account with whatever I am writing, but sometimes, I know, I am pissed off, or hurt, or flabbergasted at the stupidity that seems to be running through my bloodline. It happens. I wouldn't want the people I write about in those kind of posts to wander onto my blog, because they'd be hurt, maybe, by some of my perceptions of them, and that's not the goal here. If I'm letting off steam, I figure, it's a good thing, because then I don't get into trouble by telling my brother he's being an ass, or wishing one of my sisters would just wise the hell up.

Well, one of my sisters has wised the hell up, and found my blog.

She actually found it quite a while back, and the first time she left me a comment I nearly threw up. I mean, I was trying to remember anything I'd ever written about her here, hoping I hadn't been to harsh in any of my posts about her, or our family, or spilled any secrets that I didn't want broadcasted. (To people who I might have to face over the dinner table, basically.) But I'm pretty good about that anyways, and the sister who found me out is - luckily - a sister who's capable of keeping a secret, a sister who I don't fear would use what she reads here against me....

Not that I'm all giving away ammunition and stuff, but still: some people in my family, if - god forbid - they should ever track me down here, I would never feel safe saying anything, I would always have to watch my words. And that's not what this place is for, so screw that. The only censoring I want to be doing is common sense censoring - you know, in case I get the urge to publish my social security number or something.

But she did tell me that anytime I wanted her to skip a post, I should just let her know: Personally, I think if someone told me "Don't read this!!" I would then feel compelled to READ IT IMMEDIATELY, but we shall see. We need some sort of bat signal or something that I can give you a visual clue that this post is not for you. Maybe I'll make a badge or something...


You know who you are, so this is just your fair warning that the next post contains information/discussion you might not want to read - You can if you want to, I just don't want you to be upset again. (I'm sure you can guess what it is about) That's all. But I've been writing the post all night in my head, and if I don't put it in, well, we all know how well that works.

So: Insert warning badge I haven't made yet, along with new banner that I also haven't made yet that basically says read next post at own risk.

Oh, and also: you can introduce yourself, if you'd like... If not, no biggie.

Hey everybody, say hey to one of my sisters, will ya?

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