Sunday, March 08, 2009

People I've been seeing everywhere, random TV edition

Tonight on Cold Case, and popping up as the pilot on Lost (again!), Jeff Fahey

I'd never seen him before he drawled his way through scenes in True Blood, but since then, he's been on ER, tonight's Cold Case, and an episode of Life a few weeks ago, Michael Raymond-James.

Nathan Corddry, who used to be on both the late and lamented Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip & the Thank-god-it's-still-on Daily Show is on The United States of Tara (which I don't really watch, but I've Tivo-ed through a bit), as is Andrew Lawrence, from one of my little sisters' 90's favorites, Brotherly Love.

My mom's a big All My Children fan from the early days (like: day 1), and we all grew up watching along with her, at one point or another. So when I see random AMC alums, it kind of makes me happy. A recent episode of Life had former Brian Bodine (boyfriend to former Haley Vaughan - as played by Kelly Ripa).

How about you guys? Recognizing anyone?

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