Monday, March 02, 2009

Another Best Shot, with - surprise! - books

And Lil Girl!

And I can tell that you are all shocked.
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No, really: I've been trying to broaden my horizon, and look for more things in my everyday life to take pictures of, and so far have gotten quite a few shots of the clocks in doctor's offices and waiting rooms, but they aren't very good (bad light + still trying to figure out manual mode = not the best pictures), so they're not post-worthy yet.

As opposed to this shot of Lil Girl, which I love.

I took this last week while she read me her version of Cinderella: We were baking cookies (of the slice and bake variety) and waiting for another auntie to visit, and Lil Girl wanted me to read to her. I kept having to get up every 3 minutes to check on the cookies (because we still have a suck-tastic oven: New house; new stove!), and she was getting perturbed. So I asked her to read one to me, instead. I also got a little bit of video, where she explains that "Cinderella was a be-a-u-tiful baby! and there were witches, but they's her sisters." Since Lil Girl is sister-less, I think I'm going to have to help her realize that sister does not necessarily = witch, but that's for another day.

On this day, we baked cookies, and read each other stories, and snuggled on the couch.

And if that's not beautiful, I don't know what is.

Oh, wait: I do... Check out some examples over at Tracey's, and enjoy your Best Shot Monday, all!


Unknown said...

Oh, and an old school Cinderella book...with cookies, it all really does sound perfect!

Ha, I just saw that in your Wish List is the Dr. Horrible sing-along blog!
Love, Love, LOVE Dr. Horrible...

Jen said...

What a perfect way to spend the day. I love the softness of the photo.

Killlashandra said...

What a cute picture indeed! Kids and books should always go together. :) Even my little boy likes the Disney version of Cinderella book we have at home. Although the cookies might get his attention first. LOL

Andi said...

I love this shot...everything from the soft blonde hair peeking out from up top to the sweet nail-polished fingers grasping the book. What could be better for a little girl than Cinderella?! I teach a whole Cinderella unit with my 7th graders, and we read all different versions. What a great story...and a great photo!

Capturing Sunshine said...

Is there anything better than books, children, cameras, and cookies?! Your post has it all!

Joanna said...

I love the hair sticking out of the top and the little painted finger nails.

Anonymous said...

Guess who won Llama and Ladybug books?? Come on over and get the details! Congrats!