Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I didn't even hear the Unicorn song

Nothing Irish happened here at all today. Although both Lil Girl and her daddy were wearing shamrocks, I never changed out of my (black) pajamas. There was no Irish bread (yuck) or even green mashed potatoes (yum). We are planning on corned beef and cabbage over the weekend, but we'll see if we get there or not. No green beer, no parades, no Dropkick Murphys. But there was also no school next door (Evacuation Day, don't ya know?), and so there was blessed quiet this morning, therefore, my St. Patrick's Day pretty pleasant.

Hope yours was great as well.

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Sue Jackson said...

We had our corned beef and cabbage dinner (with Irish soda bread!) on Sunday, since my husband was going out of town this week. It turned out well, since I was way too sick Tuesday to cook.

Alas, green beer is a thing of the past for me. Back in college, St. Patty's Day was the BIGGEST holiday of the year, as far as we were concerned. We started drinking green beer first thing in the morning and kept it up all day. It was a whole lifetime ago.