Monday, March 30, 2009

MBSM: Off the rails

When Youngest Nephew went through his Thomas the Tank Engine stage, I learned to hate those twisted curvy tracks with a twisted curvy passion. Now that Lil Girl is going through a similar stage, I've decided that trains don't need to stay on their tracks. Our trains are rogue trains: going wherever they want, however they want. Rebels.

After lunch the other day, Lil Girl took her trains to a trip to the zoo, when she noticed that her cup had animals all around it. Here's part of the story she told me:

"This is Lady. She's a magic engine. And she likes monkeys at the zoo. Zebras are not like monkeys, but they're at the zoo too. You are Donald" (I'm always Donald, and he was not included in the photo shoot, unfortunately) "and Donald doesn't have magic, but he can play with the monkeys if Lady says so. Did you know monkeys throw poo?"

Tracks: who needs them? Would I have ever learned that monkeys throw poo - as part of a totally normal conversation that veered way off its tracks - if we had stayed on the stupid tracks in the first place? I think not. (I have no idea where she learned that... although if I were the betting type I'd put money on her big brother.)

That's My Best Shot for today... I'm going to head over to Tracey's and see what other people have been up to.


Unknown said...

I love it. It is amazing the things that come through when we just let go of our "how it is supposed to be/work, etc..."

And I'd bet her big bro too - little sponges.

Sue Jackson said...

Great post! What an awesome analogy about going "off the tracks." I never could get that Brio train set back together the way it was at first! I do miss the days when my boys said stuff like that - kids that age are so cute. I have 2 journals filled with stuff they said. They love to hear those stories now that they're older (11 and 14).

Thanks for sharing your sweet niece!