Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tomorrow I have to make phone calls

which I hate. I also have my 'breathing lesson' session (which I have to remember to post about, because I keep forgetting), I should try to pack up something and my parents are having a house inspected in case we want to buy it.

All this house buying is beyond stressful - for all of us - and I can't think about it anymore tonight. Tonight I'm going to watch The Amazing Race and a really geeky Family Guy and then I'm going to listen to my audiobook some more. (Am in love with audiobooks: this is very dangerous!)

Anyways, I know the posting around here has been link heavy lately, but that's just because there are so many interesting things that other people are saying that I think you should see. Hopefully, this week, I will also say interesting things my own self, which would be a nice change of pace, I'm sure.

Hope your weekend was as you wanted it to be. Talk to you tomorrow!

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