Friday, March 13, 2009

Random Wonderings

- How do people get their scrapbook pages into their computers? Can't scan it (or, at least I can't), because the scanner bed is too small. When I take a picture of it, it doesn't look the same as the ones I see online. So I'm wondering if there is something I'm not considering here? If you know the trick, please share

- Why did I stop watching Smallville? I'm sure it had something to do with timing and programing, but I need to catch up, because there's a lot of interesting things going on there: Green Arrow, Brianiac, Lightening Lad? Fabulous. :D

- A corollary to the above: why do I continue to watch shows I don't actually like/care about: Wife Swap? Really?? You do have a remote control, you know. It allows you to change the channel.

- If my pills are in their little daily dose containers, I have absolutely no problem remembering to take them. And yet, remembering to fill up the little daily containers is near to impossible. Por que?


Anonymous said...

Scan the scrapbook page in sections then join them all together (photoshop is ideal for this).

Make sure you have overlap on each scan which makes it easier.

Or photograph outside for better light. Place it on the ground (on top of something to protect it from the ground of course). Don't put it in direct sun though. If it's sunny choose a spot in the shade. Then hover over it and take a photo.

To minimise the straight edges curving on the photo (from the curve of the lens) zoom the lens in as much as possible and get the camera as far away as possible whilst filling the frame with the subject. Obviously standing over it you may struggle unless you are a giant to get full use of the zoom but experiment.

Sue Jackson said...

Oh, how I hate having to refill those pill containers every week! With both my boys and I all having CFS, we have 9 of those weekly pill containers. What a pain.


Never That Easy said...

Thanks Rachelcreative: I didn't think about the overlapping scanning (although I did try to do the stitch function on my camera, so why didn't I think of it, IDK).

Sue - I know! It's crazy! (Or, I am lazy... idk which it is. I just hate filling them up. And I only have one.)