Monday, November 06, 2006

Ah, the joys of digital cameras...

I've downloaded a ton of pictures today. You think I'm kidding, but in the past week alone, I've added over 300, from various people's digital cameras. I'm stuck in bed recooperating from yesterday's outing: Youngest Sister turns 18 on Thursday, I'm sure she and her friends will go crazy then (she's talking tatoo...), but the party yesterday was pretty low key - immediate family (& the people they are with) only.

It was loud only because there was a 6-year-old and an 8-year-old around. Ok... also the grown-ups were pretty loud; playing with the baby, trying to talk over each other, you know, all the usual stuff. (Although we never got around to a game: I only lasted a few hours & had to pack up & come home.) The scrapbook was a HUGE hit (yay!), and we all had a reasonably good time (Except for Youngest Nephew's new attitude, but I am absolutely not talking about that today, as I will get upset again).

Anyways, back to the pictures.

Don't you want to see Little Girl & Youngest Nephew in their Halloween costumes?

I thought so.

Here's Youngest Nephew arresting his great-grandmother. Her crimes are multiple, I'm sure.

And Little Girl's punkin costume spent almost the entire night covered up by a bib. She's very drooly. (That's my Mum behind her.)

And here's the both of them, during one of those rare moments that you could actually see the costume.

And, lastly, Youngest Sister, counting her candles, making sure they're all there.

I still don't believe it either: how is it possible for my youngest sister to be turning 18? Who sped up time? Was it you???

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