Friday, November 24, 2006


and welcome to, Which is misbehaving more, Blogger or my Computer?

Otherwise known as, another lame post.

I did a little online shopping today, but I wouldn't have gone near a mall for just about any amount of savings. I don't shop well in crowds: it's kind of hard to get people to notice you when the store is quiet, but in a crowd? When your head is waist (or ass) level with everyone else? No, thank you.

During the course of my online shopping, my AOL would just randomly shut down. "Your service has been interrupted," the little pop-up window informed me. Yes, I am aware, since I had a shopping cart full of things and was just about to enter my credit card information, I am VERY aware that my service has been interrupted. And there's no reason that I can see for the interruptions in service: my network hasn't been down at all, I ran a computer check up and spyware program, & I restarted the computer, just in case; who knows why.

It has been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong and exhausting week for me. Also, challenging. But, I've been noticing that I complain a lot, in these posts, & I'm trying hard to change that around. So, a list of some of the highlights (real highlights, not the sarcastic ones I first put here and then erased) from this week are:

  • Gravy. GRAVY is not even a food, really. But I think I might actually drink it, if it wouldn't gross other people out.

  • Because of the evacuation, I got to spend some serious one-on-one time with my grandmother, which I love. Her life has been rich and full, and everytime I think I've heard all of the stories & won't ever be surprised again, she pulls something else out of her treasure chest and shares it with me. I feel so special, when I have my grandmother's ear all to myself.

  • Finishing some things. I finished two projects this week, and just have to mail them off to the people they are for. That there are other, unfinished things that still need to get done is not today's worry.

  • Speaking of worry - that this year's Thanksgiving passed without any trips to the ER; for anybody. Last year, my grandmother keeled over as we were cleaning off the table, and we had to call an ambulance. As she was leaving, my brother turned to me and said: "I think that's the last time we'll ever see her." I don't have words for how grateful I am that that prediction was unfufilled.

  • Baby Girl is babbling. Youngest Nephew was his old self for the majority of the day today. "My" kids are all that is shining & golden, today.

  • Tomorrow I will get a long overdue scalding shower, and then ... nothing. I am giving myself the day off. Other people get vacations, and while I know I just don't, I'm giving myself tomorrow as a present. To just be. Or read, or listen to the radio. Or to do nothing at all. No pressure.

  • I can now listen to Christmas music without feeling like it is 'too soon.' It isn't, and I love Christmas music, so, I'm ready.

There we have it ~ maybe my week wasn't too horrible after all.

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