Friday, November 03, 2006


I don't know if you've heard, but there's an award for amateur bloggers that's up and running over at Heather Anne's. (Are you reading Heather Anne's? Because I wasn't. And now I have to spend entire day's reading her archives.)

Anyways, Heather Anne has decided to host the Hoagie Awards. With trophies and everything!

So, I sent a couple of Nominees in (most of which are no surprise if you hang out here enough) ~

Hilarious-est Blog: The blog on my bloglines account that makes me laugh most consistently has got to be: Suburban Bliss Poor Pickle Boy!

Blogger who Should be President: For this, I go to my friendly "tribal elder," Maya's Granny over at
Maya's Granny.

Best Blog Written By a Heather (Sadly, I don't really know any) - edited to add: Now I do, but Heather Anne says you can't vote for her.

Cleverest Commenter: Chaos Theory, to be found at the entire blog is clever commenting! If only I had thought of that.

Friendliest Blog : I'm gonna go with Miss Zoot: and not just because she has free blogger templates, but because when I visit there, she makes me feel welcome.

So, on Tuesday, go on over and vote for your favorites. I have an idea that it's really just going to add new must-reads to my bloglines, but sacrifices must be made.

(I also must see if there isn't a smilie around in the "poor-me-southern-belle-faint" pose. That's probably asking too much, right?)


Maya's Granny said...

I thought you liked me! Maybe I should be president (a damp sponge couldn't do a worse job than the present incumbant), but I don't want the job. Although, having a cook would be good. I wouldn't have to figure out what to eat and if I had the energy to fix it!

Never That Easy said...

"a damp sponge" LoL...

There are, undoubtedly, some perks: I'm sure having your own cook would be one of them.