Friday, November 17, 2006

Guess What?

I'm going to the movies on Sunday!

This might seem unremarkable to you, but I haven't been to the movies in 5 years! I swear. The last movie I saw in the theater was the first Harry Potter movie, for Youngest Sister's 13th birthday.

The movies aren't usually on my list of priorities at all, to be honest. Very rarely do I mind waiting till something comes out on video (The LOTR trilogy was a big one!), or even on cable. In the pro/con tally, movies are heavily con.

There's the seating: the fact that I can't sit up long enough for a movie to begin with, added to uncomfortable & unforgiving chairs that invite flares. The chairs usually manage to hit every.single.tenderpoint in my body.

There's the noise level; my hearing, like my sight and smell is highly sensitive, and I don't understand why the movie has to be that loud in the first place. Then there's all the normal things I have to worry about when I go anywhere: smells, energy level, etc.

So, usually, not going to the movies is no big deal. But the beginning of this year I was looking at movie trailers (I don't know why I torture myself that way, but I do), and saw the a little penguin tap dancing. His little feet, the Stevie Wonder soundtrack? It was irresistible. And I was kind of pissed, b/c I knew my family would go and see it, and then they'd all have seen it before me. As usual.

And there isn't a one of 'em who can keep their mouth shut.

So, I was kind of sad that I wouldn't get to see it, and then I was watching a local show last night, The Phantom Gourmet, (which I love b/c they talk about food that people really eat, like Dunkin Donuts and Lays Potato chips), and they started talking about a place not too far away called Chunkies. I wasn't really paying attention, but when I looked up at the screen, I saw that they were sitting in big comfy chairs.

So I found their website online, and apparently, the chairs are chairs from limos. They recline, roll and have an armrest. Not too mention that they are grouped around tables!

This might work for me! I have sat in the car for longer than 2 hours, without too much of a flare afterwards. And, if I use my wheelchair as a foot rest, that should help with the hip, knee, leg pain. I've got the trusty IcyHot patches, as well as the ThermaCare for my neck. And the lidocaine patches for my back's worst points.

So I told my sister that I wanted to go, and coralled my brother and his family, my parents, and two other sisters into going too. It's a big HOOPLA! And this time, I get to play too.

(I refuse to worry about the following facts:
- Noise, smells, energy levels
- Thanksgiving is next Thursday and I will need to rest before/recuperate from that
- I have yet to finish Oldest Sister's scrapbook for her birthday on the 30th
- or a few other projects that have to be done by Christmas
- not to mention christmas shooping, cards, wrapping, etc.
- that this is probably the worst time for a hoopla! for me

Because... I am going! So there!)

Besides, I need to get out of the house, do something fun, or I might shoot someone.
(Did I mention my dad's on vacation? Or that my brother is not communicating well? Or that some other siblings are squabbling?)

So, I'm going to the movies!

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