Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Due to emergency evacuation...

this post comes to you directly from my Grandmother's house, courtesy of Youngest Sister's laptop. (And since my family does not know about my blog, I am finding it difficult to get three minutes of typing in before someone comes to look over my shoulder (again).)

But --- I'm here! I haven't missed it after all (thanks, Scrooge; I'm almost in a Christmasy mood.. Just give me another day or so.) ~ there's still time.

Today's planned post was going to be about changing times, and changing family dynamics.

But I've only got a few minutes until someone comes to claim her computer back, and also my brain & body are not really dealing with the changes in scenery as well as one might wish.

So, no on the big long post, and yes to the rant about city workers who don't keep their promises.

Remember how I told you that they were unpaving and then repaving my street? And, how, the smell was so bad that I had to hide in one corner of the house with the windows clossed for three days? And how they said that the repaving was postponed until the spring, b/c of city screw-ups? And also how they promised to call us when they decided to start the repaving, because we called to complain about the smell?

Yeah, well, guess what?

They repaved today. The day before Thanksgiving. Hence the evacuation.

Hence the making worse of a flare from daring to get out of the house at all this weekend.

Hence the RANTing attitude, when I told myself I would not rant.

Hence me feeling bad for readers, who don't really want me to keep talking about my flares and evacuations.

Trust me, I'd love not to have them to write about.


The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will be on the tv in less than 12 hours, and then I will be psyched. So, I'll see you all then.

Happy Turkey day!

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