Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A bit of random-osity

Something awesome - Youngest Sister scored an 800 (A perfect score!!) on her SAT II, English Literature test! I happy danced, vicariously, of course, along with her. It's awesome for her, as her current top choices for schools are mainly Ivy League. More adventures in applying for college will no doubt follow. (Remember how much fun it was? Ick.)


Something I probably should've noticed before now - is that the captions for the local news CAPITALIZES certain words. Not only that, but I've figured out why, too: they're the teleprompter words, and the CAPITALS are telling the anchors which words to punch. I figured it out last night, following this: "A mother of ELEVEN is killed in a hit and run accident." Now, I have a problem with the news in general: I don't watch it because I seem to lack that filter that other people have, where they can see something horrific and not feel it, strongly and deep in their soul. I know this about myself: watching the news is too upsetting, so I watch The Daily Show and pretend it counts. But, even knowing that I am overly sensitive, this little teaser seemed vulgar, somehow... and just... WRONG.

Something that is totally unnecessary:
A doggie diaper?


Something I should probably just get over, already - So, remember the eye doctor?

Well, my glasses came in, & guess what?

They were a bit too small.

But, since I.Am.Not.Going.Back.There.Ever.Again.Period., I kind of just got used to them.

But I've been wearing them for about three weeks now, and not a single person has noticed. I mean, it's not like I've got a new pair of shoelaces or something - they're on my face! And the shape/color is radically different!

But nobody's noticed at all, and I'm a little stung ~ it makes me feel even more invisible, I guess.


Something positive to end this on - If you're looking for some quirky holiday presents, may I suggest The Spoon Sisters? I found it today, and spent a little bit too much time (and $) there. But it was soo much fun to do it. :)

What things are on your minds, people?

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sjer said...

I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one that can't watch the news! I love the Daily Show (but don't have cable :(, and The Daily Nooz is a great blog for important information :) As for "real" news sources...I find that NPR isn't as bad as watching the actual news. As for the evening news, well, I've been known to have a bit of a fit if someone tries to make me watch...way too upsetting, I need my info filtered.