Friday, November 10, 2006

Random much?

First off, let me just say this: I am totally not above using my blog for personal gain. So lemme ask you guys:

1) How's Blogger Beta? Everytime I publish a post, Blogger tells my how much better my blog could be on Beta. Anybody done the switch, have any opinions on how it's going? I'd love to hear it.

2) Now that a few people are actually reading my blog (I see you, lurkers. Welcome!), I'm wondering about commenting etiquette. I know Autumn talked about it a while back, but I'm still wondering. I try to reply both here and in e-mail back to the person. Because I know I don't always go back to the place where I've commented. So I'm hoping to get around to tracking everybody down.

3) Is your family crazy too? Because the Christmas craziness has already started here (Some people want to do gifts, others don't; Some want to pick names, others say they're buying for everybody), and I'm trying to NOT PLAY. You will not draw me in: I'm going to enjoy the entire Christmas season this year. So there.

4)Is there any world in which

this is not the cutest baby ever?

5) Why are side effects from drugs so annoying? Anybody got a rememdy for Dry Mouth? Because it seriously sucks. Also? Weight gain is r--i-diculous. Since starting the Lyrica ( & upping my steroids) I've gained 12 pounds. 12 pounds in a little over a month. This can not be allowed to continue.

6) How's your Friday going? It's getting dark so early here, it's screwing with my body clock. The non-sleeping body clock that just wonders why there is such a thing as day and night anyways: Night is just darker & with worse T.V.

7) Whatcha' readin lately? I've LOVED la Nora's Circle Trilogy, and her new In Death ( Mavis' Baby!!). I'm thinking of posting what I've been reading, what's in my TBR pile. I might get around to it this weekend. I might not.

I'm ready for a nap now people. How bout you?

Let's get this weekend started!


Lady Strathconn said...

Seriously best dry mouth solution:

Autumn said...

Maybe I should try steroids... arrg. I'm deeply frustrated about my weight right now.

Dry mouth? I use Tom's Apricot Toothpaste for dry mouth - there's a matching moutwash too. I like both and they help a lot.

I'm torn too - email or comment in the thread. I'm bad about going back, so generally I email back. I'm not sure the best answer.

Never That Easy said...

Lady S -

Thanks for the tip about dry mouth, I'm definitely checking it out!

Autumn -

I highly reccomend the steriod/Lyrica combination for gaining weight. Unfortunately, I did not need to gain weight.

I've used other Tom's toothpastes, but I'll try the Apricot, which I don't remember seeing in the store before. Thanks!