Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Way to forget...

almost! It's still today. It's just later than I normally post, but I'm still good.

Sinus pressure, my pretties. Sinus pressure headache + flare + family holiday craziness = NTE icky.

BUT, I am kind of happy I have set myself up for this, the responsibility of posting every day. It makes me think I'm accomplishing something, even on the very bad days.

And today what I am accomplishing is a meme (cuz we can't have everything, now can we?)

Seven Secrets
I have no idea where I clipped this from; it was in my 'tickler/to blog' folder. So if it was from you, sorry not to link. If it wasn't, feel free to play.

1. your deadliest sin (pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed or sloth)? I think... it's probably pride, which keeps me from asking for things I need.

2. tell us a secret. Does it have to be one of mine? Cuz I am boring. So, I'll tell you someone else's secret, which is that they're late because they just don't care enough about you to be on time (seriously, I know this person, and I didn't mean you).

3. why are you ashamed? Because I can never do enough

4. what is your secret fantasy (keep it g-rated, ok?)? Chubby baby faces, and knowing they're mine.

5. greatest guilty pleasure. White chocolate (which, is apparently, not chocolate & therefore has no nutritionally redemptive value, but I LOVE IT!)

6. secret behavior. Eating cold food from the fridge (secret only b/c nobody in my house likes that & I'd rather not hear about how cross it is)

7. to where would you escape? Some place with a jacuzzi.


Maya's Granny said...

White chocolate in the jacuzzi! What a notion.

I know that person who doesn't care enough about others to be on time.

Never That Easy said...

MMmmm... I hadn't thought of it that way... both together....? YUM