Wednesday, November 01, 2006

October was a busy month for the blogosphere (as if there's a time when it isn't), so I had plenty of posts to choose from for this month's The Original Perfect Post Awards.

Here's a little roundup of what kept me busy, thinking, &/or laughing hysterically this past month:

Harley was being stalked by the movie Troy. For me, it's The Pelican Brief .

An intensely personal and moving call to action from Dirty Birdie, over at Dirty Laundry. And her colors are so pretty, too.

The Happiness Project, a recent addition to my addiction, had a terrific post about diffusing tantrums in kids; While Bonanza Jellybean posted about bad behaviors in adults.

Hidden Words and I both "celebrated" our Sickaversaries this month.

Molly Saves the Day had an unique perspective on the re-release of Disney's The Little Mermaid. And the Smart Bitches & their commenters gave their perspectives on reading romance novels at a young age. (Yeah, I started reading them early too: I was about 10. I wasn't exactly supposed to be reading them, but I read anything. During those first couple of years, I read one of my Top Ten favorite books, It (along with anything else by Stephen King). I also I also read parts of the encyclopedia, every book of the bible, and any other reading material in my house (Trust me, Cosmo makes no sense at all to an 11-yr-old.)

I couldn't stop laughing at Slate's assessment of that big faker, Harry Potter.
And Mama Pop quickly became a snarky must read after their post on the Gilmore Girls (even if they're a bit harsh on Aaron Sorkin.)

But my Perfect Post award goes to Balls & Walnuts, because I heartily second the notion that Boys Need Romance! Here's part of what he had to say:

"The best romances I have read answer questions which would bewilder the typical boy. Or man, for that matter. Foremost among these questions: What do women want? What do they need? What do they love about us? What do we do that drives them nuts?

Yes, IÂ’m making sweeping generalizations, but you know itÂ’s true. Guys, be they 13 or 33, donÂ’t know the answers to these questions. ThatÂ’s not the bad part, though. The bad part is, they donÂ’t even know they should be asking these questions."

The Original Perfect Post Awards

Congrats to Balls & Walnuts!

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